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All products from 3L Consumer Products A/S are developed to meet the high demands of the photo mounting and scrapbooking users.

3L has more than 35 years of experience with acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, and all our products are carefully tested and are not marketed before we are 100% satisfied with their specifications.

If a person looks at a photo album 20 years from now and the pictures have been destroyed or just fall out of the album, chances are they did not use a 3L product.

All adhesives from 3L are acrylic-based adhesives, which are superior to rubber-based adhesives (often seen in liquid adhesives, glue sticks, tapes, etc.) when it comes to aging and bleeding. “Bleeding” is penetration of the adhesive through paper. When this happens, the adhesive will absorb into the paper or photo, and result in stains.


Through ongoing development, we are able to offer adhesive products that:             

  • are acid-free: this avoids weakening of paper or the top-coating of photos.
  • are acrylic based: this avoids any bleeding through paper or photos.
  • are archival safe: this prevents reactions with typical craft materials.
  • are lignin free: the adhesive will not cause yellowing of the paper or photos.
  • have the very best adhesive properties
  • are easy to use       


Please refer to our Glossary of Terms for a further explanation of these and other important terms .  

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